Paul Temple and the Gilbert case - 1954

Deze achtdelige serie is vanaf 29 maart 1954 uitgezonden.

1. The unlucky one
2. The third shoe
3. Peter Galino
4. La Mortella
5. That good old intuition
6. A warning from Miss Wayne
7. The note
8. The quilty party 

Paul Temple -Peter Coke
Steve Trent - Marjorie Westbury
Sir Graham Forbes - Lester Muddit
Charlie - James Beattie

Inspector Kingston - Duncan McIntyre
Wilfred Stirling - Charles Leno
Betty Wayne - Grizelda Hervey
Lance Reynolds - Richard Williams
Lyn Ferguson - Peggy Hassard
Louis Fabian - Olaf Olsen
Johnson - Alec Ross

Een artikel uit de "New Zealand Listener" ter promotie van de uitzending in 1954. 
20 augutus 1954

Paul Temple Pries Again.

The BBC's famous private detective Paul Temple is to be heard soon from stations of the Commercial Division in a mystery serial entitled Paul Temple and the Gilbert Case. Through eight episodes listeners can follow the adventures of this civilised sleuth as he unravels the reasons for several mysterious murders. The first victim is a beautiful Bond Street model, whose fiancé is charged with the crime and sentenced to death. After an interview with the condemned man, Temple cancels a proposed holiday and concentrates on what turns out to be one of his most successful cases.

As with previous Temple stories, the question of "whodunit" is concealed, even from members of the cast, until the final episode. But without revealing too much of the plot, listeners can be told that episode two, The Third Shoe, plays more than a passing part in the story.
Written by Francis Durbridge and produced by Martyn C. Webster, the Temple story now has Peter Coke as Paul, but retains two old identities in Marjorie Westbury, as Steve, his wife, and Lester Mudditt, as Sir Graham Forbes, of Scotland Yard. The latter has taken this part in the stories ever since Temple first appeared on the BBC in 1938. Listeners to 2XA will already be familiar with the new set-up, for The Gilbert Case is currently being heard from the Wanganui station on Sunday evenings.

According to his creator, Francis Durbridge, Paul Temple was born in Ontario, son of the late Lt.- General Ian Temple, and went to England at an early age. He was educated at Rugby and Magdalen College, Oxford, and from age of 22 earned his living as a writer of detective novels. While on holiday in Cornwall he became accidentally involved in the notorious Tenworthy case. Sir Graham Forbes, of Scotland Yard, was so impressed with his handling of it that he invited him to intervene in the mysterious affair of the Knave of Diamonds. Temple has been in the detection business ever since.

Outside his work, Temple is alleged to like fishing and collecting first editions; the music of Beethoven, Debussy and Jerome Kern,' the plays of Noel Coward; the lyrics of Cole Porter; and, Of course, dry martinis. He dislikes people who always have "ideas" for plots, women who ask him if he writes under his own name, "hot" music, and oysters.

Paul Temple and the Gilbert Case is to play from all ZB stations and 2ZA at 8.0 p.m. on Sundays, starting as follows: 2ZA August 29, 4ZB September 12. 3ZB September 26. 2ZB October 10. and IZB. November 14.

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